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Starbucks VIA Challenge

2009 October 05

from → Beverage

In the spirit of instant coffee, I’ll keep this short. I took the Starbucks VIA challenge today and won. I got a free drink out of it (maybe regardless of my correct answer). What do I think? VIA is a lighter roast, so naturally the flavor is a bit lighter than Pike’s Place. The flavor, however, is very reminiscent of any other Starbucks brew. And why shouldn’t it? Without knowing it was instant I think you’d have a tough time telling which is the drip. There’s one fairly obvious tell when you put the cup to your lips: the aroma. The drip coffee is going to have pretty full bouquet – something that’s lacking from the VIA. It’s not that the via is absent of any aromas, but they are rather weak.

If you haven’t taken the challenge yet, you still have the rest of the day. Let your nose decide which is the real one. Otherwise, say it’s the one in your left hand. At least you’ve got a 50/50 shot.

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